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Start ups who choose to work with Colour Alchemist Canada are taken through  the full process.

This process is meant to ensure that you come out at the other end with a ready to go project, and that you are empowered and clear on the steps that you need to move forward on your own.  We not only help you get your product complete and ready to produce, but we tech you the pathway as we do this.

To custom develop a single design with a full pre-production package (until production ready) for your fashion brand will range between $5,000-$15,000+ excluding manufacturing costs. 

A full package like this includes:

  • Sketches/simple tech packs
  • Initial patterns with updates
  • Fit samples (mock-up, prototype/sew-by etc.)
  • Fabric selections and testing (consultation on fabrics and some minor sourcing is included in our package)
  • Grading (we always include more sizes than you need so that you don't have to go back)
  • Graded sewn samples (3 to 5 depending on your required size range)
  • Grading review and updates
  • Preparation of size charts
  • Consulting through the required steps
  • All of the necessary steps you need prior to cutting your first production order. 
    • Fabrics and supplies are always extra, as this will depend on the client's choices.

When comparing prices with other Designers/Developers, always make certain you know EXACTLY what the price quote you receive includes. 

We feel the most fair is to be upfront and advise clients what the TRUE FULL COST until production ready REALLY IS. 

There are many other pathways to starting a clothing business that are less expensive. We cover this in our APPAREL DISCOVERY PROGRAM (limited to 4 individuals per cohort).

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Apparel Discovery Program: This program is designed to help you gain clarity on your brand vision, target audience, and initial product offerings. It's a perfect starting point if you're still in the brainstorming and concept development phase.

Consulting Packages: We offer a variety of consulting packages tailored to address specific needs, such as brand identity development, market research, or sourcing guidance. These packages can be valuable resources as you refine your idea and prepare for launch.