ready made clothing with your brand label, customizable blank t-shirts, hoodies, crew necks


Author: Colour Alchemist Canada |

We understand the appeal of private label clothing lines, and we do have a program for this! However, our core focus lies in providing exceptional full-service development for our valued clients.

Here's how we prioritize:

Full-Service Development:  This remains our core strength. We excel at taking your vision from concept to a fully realized clothing line, ensuring perfect fit, style, and brand alignment. This comprehensive approach is ideal for clients seeking a complete solution.

Customizable Blanks (For Current Development Clients):  We offer a customizable blanks program featuring a line of basic garments we've designed and own.  This service is currently exclusive to our full-service development clients.  Why? Because these clients have already partnered with us to develop their brand identity and target audience. This allows us to ensure the customizable blanks perfectly complement their existing vision and fit their target market flawlessly.

What if I'm Not Ready for Full-Service Development?

While we can't currently offer customizable blanks to non-development clients, we recommend exploring our Apparel Discovery Program or Consulting Packages. These services can help you solidify your brand identity and target audience, making you well-positioned for future full-service development with us (including access to customizable blanks).

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure your success.  By focusing on full-service development and extending customizable blanks as an exclusive benefit to those clients, we deliver the best possible experience for everyone.